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Club House

Constructed in 2002, this house boasts a generous total area of 778m2. The ground floor comprises a café featuring a 180m2 terrace, a reception area, changing rooms, and a well-stocked golf shop. On the second floor, there is a commodious 180m2 area designated for hosting events and seminars, complemented by a separate terrace spanning 40m2. Lastly, the third floor houses workshops for various purposes.

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Following extensive construction efforts, a contemporary clubhouse was unveiled to Viesturi's visitors in 2002. The overall investment amounted to an impressive half a million euros.

In 2006, interior renovations were finalized for the second floor and attic. A delightful 40m2 terrace was appended to the second floor, enhancing its allure. Additionally, a spacious 180m2 terrace with a café and stage was constructed. The reception area underwent a reconstruction, accompanied by the establishment of a modern bag storage room with a separate entrance adjoining the new reception.

Unfortunately, in 2021, a severe storm led to the felling of a majestic fir tree, estimated to be approximately 100 years old, situated in front of the clubhouse.


Ever since the clubhouse was inaugurated, a charming café has graced the first floor, offering a delightful dining experience. The café area is capable of accommodating 30 to 64 guests, depending on the desired table arrangement.

Adjacent to the café, you will find two inviting terraces. The first is a cozy small terrace spanning 50m2, adorned with an illuminated pergola. The second is a spacious large terrace measuring 150m2, complete with a canopy, a parasol, and even a stage.

For arranging events within the café premises, please reach out to the reception, who will gladly assist you in making the necessary arrangements.




Golfs Viesturi
Mārupes novads, Mārupes pagasts LV-2166


+371 26 444 390

Working Hours


12:00 - 17:00

Tue. - Sun.

10:00 - 17:00

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